Enough is Enough - Full Song (MP3)  Enough is Enough - Full Song (WAV)

We have prepared a range of music resources to support participation in Let it Grow. Whilst these cannot possibly cover the specific needs of all groups taking part, we hope that they provide a solid foundation for you to work from.

Choirs may wish to use our stand-alone choral arrangement, designed for unaccompanied singing. This arrangement also fits with the piano reduction provided. It would even work with the horn scores below - just in case you have a brass section at your disposal!

None of these resources are prescriptive. Take what you need and use as you like. Accurate renditions of the piece are as equally welcomed as new interpretations. Get creative and have fun!

Full song

  • Enough is Enough  WAV | MP3
  • Enough is Enough (Instrumental)  WAV | MP3

For choirs

Percussion / bateria

  • DrumAp middle section  WAV | MP3
  • DrumAp final section groove  WAV | MP3
  • DrumAp drum break  WAV | MP3
  • Percussion only (from original studio recording)  WAV | MP3

Middle section drum groove

Final section drum groove

DruMap notation

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