World leaders are gathering in the UK this November to have one of the most important conversations of our lifetime. COP26 is the global climate change conference and it's happening right here in the UK.

Let it Grow is a mass participation song project, building an online tidal wave of music and creativity, telling politicians and business leaders that enough is enough.

A group of Scottish artists have written a song to highlight the urgent need for action and now people across Scotland, the UK and even the globe are creating their own versions.

We invite you and your school to join us in a mass musical response to the climate emergency, engaging your pupils in activities that explore climate change and cover areas of the curriculum including literacy, citizenship and the arts.

The free resource pack available for download below, offers you a menu of activities of varying lengths to engage your children in both the song, ‘Enough is Enough’ and complementary learning opportunities to suit your capacity and requirements.

Pick and choose the sections that work for you, photograph and film your work and upload to your social platforms and make sure to tag us so we see what you've been up to!




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