Take Action

Want to learn more about climate change? Or are you inspired to get involved in campaigns for climate justice? We’ve put together a selection of resources. These are by no means comprehensive but are a great starting point. It’s likely that there are brilliant and experienced action groups in your local area - reach out and connect with those who are already active!

When it comes to the multiple threats our planet faces – loss of wilderness, mass extinctions, extreme weather events, rising inequality, global food insecurity, increased risk of pandemics, rising co2 levels – many now recognise that deep, transformative systems change is the only way to tackle these, not just better green habits at home. So the following suggestions lean towards the collective rather than the individual.


As well as getting up to speed on the science we recommend getting a handle on the politics at play when it comes to climate change. How is it that we’ve known what was up for so long and yet we haven’t taken the kinds of actions needed?

What is Climate Justice?


Mothers of Invention  

The Hot Take  

How to solve the climate crisis and make life more awesome  


Chasing Ice 

Chasing Coral

Merchants of Doubt 

I am Greta 


This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs the Climate - Naomi Klein 

All We Can Save  

Oil & Honey - Bill McKibben

What If - Rob Hopkins 

The Great Derangement - Amitav Ghosh


The pandemic is a portal - Arundhati Roy 

Climate Change is a crisis we can only face together - Naomi Klein 

Fantastic list of resources on racism and climate justice

Join Up

Find a group in your town, region or country. Some international groups which have local chapters:

COP26 Coalition 

Green New Deal Rising 

Stop Cambo 

Friends of the Earth UK Climate Action Groups 




Mary Heglar 

Asad Rehman 

Greta Thunberg 

Kate Aronoff 

Antonia Juhasz 

Kevin Anderson 

Take Care

Sometimes facing the realities of the climate emergency can bring up big emotions and a lot to process. Here are some great tips for managing climate grief.

Resources for working with climate emotions

Commons Social Change Library Climate Grief resource list

Hope in the dark - Rebecca Solnit


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